Michael E. Flynn
Strategic Sales and Marketing Leader
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These four components (in that order) present a critical path to establishing a marketing strategy that leads to a positive Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI). I will call it RTRI as I am not one to stay away from acronyms. Although there is debate on how to best measure a ROMI, let me share with you my thoughts on how RTRI establishes the appropriate program strategy that will enable a more accurate validation of the ROMI analysis. You can read  more about this and other strategic marketing concepts in my blog at http://mydbmblog.michaelflynnmarketing.com

About me
I am an experienced marketing strategist who has developed, and managed high impact programs for major financial institutions across the country. My diverse experience in sales, marketing, operations and technology coupled with my experience developing marketing database technologies enables me to identify winning approaches to new and existing opportunities-all based on a foundation of qualitative and quantitative research.

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